Wilmington NC Weather

What’s Wilmington NC Weather Like?

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As a coastal North Carolina City, Wilmington’s weather is affected to a large degree by the Gulf Stream and the warm ocean waters it brings with it. That’s the main reason we can enjoy the occasional boat or beach day during the middle of our Winters.

“Mild” is the best description of our weather. Wilmington has its 4 seasons but they’re generally much more moderate than other areas.

As far as average weather, Winters are typically in the 50’s and summers in the high 70’s to low 80’s. Snow is extremely rare and a time for tremendous excitement in the area. Palm trees and Live Oaks thrive equally in the area with our nearly 9 months of beach weather.

 Did You Know?

  • The warmest monthly average temperature in Wilmington is in July at 81 degrees
  • The coolest  monthly average temperature in Wilmington is in January at 46 degrees
  • The rainiest month in Wilmington is in September with 7.8 inches of precipitation
  • The average Wrightsville Beach water temperature is 68 degrees
  • Wilmington NC’s Air Quality was recognized by the American Lung Association as one of the Top 25 “Cleanest” Cities
  • The most snowfall in Wilmington’s history was the Great Christmas Blizzard of 1989 with 15.4 inches of snow
  • Wrightsville Beach water temperature is 7 degrees warmer than the Cape Fear River water temperature in January

Long Range Wilmington NC Weather Forecast

An already brief Winter will be shorter and rainier than average. The coldest months in the coming year will be early January and early February. Those will also be the months with the best chance of snow. April and May will see less precipitation than normal with temperatures being slightly below normal. Summer is expected to see warmer temperatures than normal however. The warmest months are expected to be the middle of June through late August. September and October will be hotter and drier than usual.