Downtown Wilmington NC Homes for Sale

Walking into historic downtown Wilmington is like stepping into a place that is steeped in yesterday’s culture with all the benefits of modern living. This area was settled in 1732, and the historic downtown district covers 230 large blocks of homes, businesses, and landmark buildings. If this is where you choose to live, you’ll have all that Wilmington has to offer at your fingertips…or at least a short walk from your front door!

Those looking for homes for sale in historic downtown Wilmington often do so because of the blend of history and modern culture. Historic buildings and homes make visitors yearn for yesteryear, while small shops and locally-owned restaurants deliver the best of Wilmington to visitors and residents alike. Those who live in this area can find food, entertainment, and shopping without ever having to get in a car.

There are homes in many different price ranges in downtown Wilmington. From Victorian style mansions in the historic district to condos available in the heart of Downtown Wilmington or with a view of the Cape Fear River. Those looking for less expensive homes in the historic downtown Wilmington area can often find affordable historic bungalows and rental properties. Many of these homes were built in the late 1800s to the early 1900s. With renovations done in the last decade. These homes bring together the classic design of the past with the technological advances of today.

Those who move to historic downtown Wilmington can expect to become enthralled with the city. There are museums of all types, hundreds of shops, art galleries, delicious restaurants serving up local and foreign cuisine, and horse-drawn carriages touring the brick-lined streets of the area. Festivals throughout the year liven up the city and highlight the city’s rich history and cultural variety. There’s no reason to ever have a boring weekend if you live in historic downtown Wilmington.

One of the most favored spots in historic downtown Wilmington is the Riverwalk. This boardwalk runs along the river and lets visitors catch a fresh breeze off of the water. That’s not the only way to enjoy the water here. Daily boat rides give tours of the area and allow you to enjoy the sights of the city.