Dec. 8, 2017

Quality of Life Highlights Latest Wilmington Economic Scorecard

Latest Wilmington Economic ScorecardAccording to the latest annual Wilmington Regional Economic Scorecard, Wilmington underwent a loss of higher wage jobs but a growth in the service industries as well as an increase in quality of life.

Adam Jones, professor of economics at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, states that this shift to ...

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Nov. 8, 2017

How much money could Zillow cost you in wilmington NC?

Zillow is the 800lb gorilla in the real estate market. A home search in any market on your search engine of choice is Inaccurate real estate datadominated by Zillow, Trulia, and a handful of other real estate portals. Zillow, alone, captured nearly 1 in 3 of every real estate website searches ...

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